Welcome to the Ivanhoe Game WP Theme staging app!



If you are a visitor to this site, feel free to browse our games. Most game content entered thus far is for testing purposes alone; therefore, no truly mature games are on this testing app. The content which we have entered in the course of testing, however, should be enough to give you an idea of what sorts of moves Ivanhoe players can make, and what kind of media they can include in their moves.  Players can easily incorporate URLs and image files in their moves, and, as you can see from our “At the Lonely Overlook” game in particular, WP-savvy users can even embed YouTube videos in their moves–capabilities which result in a truly dynamic gaming environment!

If you are a tester for Ivanhoe, go ahead and create a username and password. You will find your games here on our testing app, listed on the “Games” page. Simply click on the game you will be playing, create a role, and then begin making moves. You may make a move independently from previous moves or directly in response to another move. As you play, please help us out by submitting testing feedback forms (form to be posted soon). Your feedback is essential for us to refine Ivanhoe before its final launch, and we appreciate your taking the time to help us out.

Please also keep an eye out for periodic updates on our Praxis blog, as members of our design, development, and support teams post on the experience of building Ivanhoe.

Thanks, and we hope you enjoy connecting, creating, and inspiring through Ivanhoe.

Call for Ivanhoe Testers!


This year’s Praxis fellows are in the last couple weeks of programming before our release of the new Ivanhoe Game (rebuilt as a WordPress Theme), and we are looking for people to test the program.

The Ivanhoe Game is a pedagogical and critical tool which enables scholars or students to generate discussion and criticism on a subject through role-play. The original Ivanhoe Game was conceived in the early 2000s by Jerome McGann and Johanna Drucker; they were then joined by Bethany Nowviskie, Nick Laiacona, and others to develop the game in UVa’s SpecLab/ARP–one of several precursors to the Scholars’ Lab. You can learn more at http://www.ivanhoegame.org/?page_id=21

Potential uses of the Ivanhoe Game WP Theme include:

This is just to name a few; the possibilities are endless! Ivanhoe’s construction as a WP Theme means that it can be easily incorporated into already existing WP pages, including course pages. For a completely bare-bones idea of what Ivanhoe will be, visit our testing app Games page, hosted on Heroku.

We hope to start testing on April 8. We are looking for varying levels of commitment. For a larger number of testers, 20-30 minutes a week would be helpful for us. For a few testers who have the time and interest, we hope for 2-5 hours a week.

If you are interested, please fill out the form below. I will contact you within a week to make arrangements for testing.

Praxis Program Panel: “Reading Digitally with Prism and Ivanhoe”


On April 4 at 4:30 PM in the Scholars’ Lab, members of current and previous Praxis cohorts will give a presentation on how their projects, Prism and Ivanhoe, can inform textual study and reading in a digital environment.  The presentation will also feature demonstrations of both projects.

Presenters include:

The panel follow the opening masterclass of the Graduate English Student Association conference “Reading Then and Now,” which will run April 4-6, 2014.  The conference will also feature a masterclass by UVa English faculty member Rita Felski (RSVP only); keynote speaker Andrew Piper, from McGill University; graduate student papers on reading practices across cultures and time periods; and a workshop by the Rare Book School.  For a complete schedule, visit bit.ly/gesa2014.